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The theme for the first 3MM compilation was Chicago. Arguably there’s nothing more “Chicago” than Iron Mike Ditka and the ‘85 Bears.  3MM got together with movie maker Aaron Maier to talk about his submission and his work in general.
Everything Is Terrible! is a Chicago based video collective Maier helped to found, although it isn’t just an online collective. EIT! has an interactive live show that engages the movie makers and their movies with the audience. EIT! is responsible for such viral classics as Yogi Ogi Dogi - the yoga farmer teaching kids to stretch (uh, creepy) to Cat Massage (just what you think) and much more. EIT! harvests found VHS footage that hasn’t been exposed on YouTube. It’s about making something new out of something no one wants to watch, in digestible webttention span bites.

Maier himself is wary of technology and our increasing reliance on it as a society. His movies are distinctly irreverent in regards to technology and media while creating within those very parameters. By re-purposing footage from once mass-marketed sources, Maier is able to pull the thoughts and images away from a dominating media and use them for his own purposes, similar to “the way of the Jedi.”

With a background in writing, Aaron attributes his editing style to apprentice work he did cutting documentaries. He’s always been interested in “old, weird shit” and archiving things - the things most people would throw (or have thrown) in the garbage. At the end of the day, neither Maier nor the EIT! really think everything is too terrible. After all dogs wearing sunglasses is fucking funny.

Be sure to check out the kick off show for their DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez! tour this Friday January 27th at Lincoln Hall.

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